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We sell automatically via automated shops, depending on your payment method, for any custom orders, please use our Contact tab. After pressing on your chosen payment-method, you will be redirected to our shop.


Through third-parties such as shoppy.gg your payment is completly safe and you do not have to worry about your payment not going through!

Instant delivery 24/7

Purchased a LoL Smurf account? You will get an E-mail with the Account credentials right away. At LeagueShopify, we use a fully automated delivery system to provide an instant delivery experience.

Lifetime Ban Warranty

Once you receive your League of Legends Account, you will be able to change the E-mail and Password. That means the account is fully yours from the moment you make the purchase!

E-mail & Password changeable

We provide an extended lifetime guarantee and instant replacement on all our Smurf accounts. If something happens to your LoL Smurf, you'll receive a replacement instantly!

What is a Smurf?

A Smurf is a fresh lvl 30 League of Legends Account, with no ranked games played on it. It has no Champions bought, so you can use your BE as you please.

How will I get my Account details delivered?

After you choose an Account and click on "Buy now", you will be redirected to a shoppy.gg page, in which you will choose your payment method and enter your E-Mail Address, where your Account details will be sent to.

What Payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we only accept PayPal. *Through PayPal you can also pay with your bank account connected or your credit card!*

Is Smurfing allowed in League of Legends?

Yes! Creating and playing on a secondary Account is fully legal whenever you want. Whether it's for playing with friends, test new champions, or just playing without the stress of the ranked games, smurfing is a common practice among LoL Users.

Can I buy multiple Accounts at once?

Yes, we offer bulk offers of 5/10 Accounts in one offer, with additional % discount! The more Accounts you buy in one offer the bigger the discount will be! If you want a custom offer with more Accounts, and therefore a higher discount just contact us via the "Contact" tab.